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Shanghai tourism trade association to strengthen cooperation with German hotel association

Date: 2013-08-03

From 24 to 27 July, the German hotel association, Thomas
Mr Khoja rick a line of three people come to Shanghai and the Shanghai tourism trade association chapters discuss hotel industry exchanges between the two countries. , the hotel industry, vice chairman of Shanghai tourism industry association branch of Huang Tiemin in Shanghai international your hotel reception and hosted a banquet for a line of Thomas. Bilateral exchanges the hotel management and service situation, the two countries to discuss the cooperation, common to hold the sino-german hotel industry skills contest arrangement, sports, the rules of the game, awards and other specific issues consultation and agreement. Determine the first china-germany skills champions in the hotel industry in the middle of October this year was held in Shanghai, German hotel association will send 10 contestants. One bed room, meeting table cloth machine, Chinese food and western food table setting, cocktails for the two sides will match the project and included in the group total score; Process error (such as chocolate production, the production of cakes, ice cream production, flowers, sculptures, fruit and vegetable carving, napkin folding, sugar, paper, cloth, etc.), talent show, such as language service (familiar with a variety of foreign language or dialect), flower arrangement, cooking with cutting, flour products, such as listed in the select the project, as a bonus. Then, Germany will factions together the matches referee.
Multinational skills competition in the domestic hotel industry for the first time, to further improve the quality of Shanghai hotel industry, and promote China's hotel industry has a certain significance in line with international standards.