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The construction of platform of film and TV tourism Promote tourism development in Shanghai

Date: 2014-06-25

During the film festival last year, the Shanghai cultural administration of radio, film and television and the Shanghai municipal tourism bureau jointly issued the 21, film and television shooting scenes. On June 17, guided by the two common "Shanghai film and television production service manual" officially released on the 17th session of the Shanghai international film festival.
To actively build Shanghai highland cultural tourism industry, to improve the influence of the Shanghai film and television cultural tourism, the city tourism bureau and the Hong Kong article wide bureau jointly construct platform for the film and television literature brigade, tourism promotion, film and television culture service comprehensive upgrade, in the film and television culture industry driving the development of the diversification of tourism promotion, jointly promote the development of Shanghai's culture and tourism, upgrade the image of Shanghai city.
It is reported, "Shanghai film and television service manual" in the whole city scope to 55 for film and television production companies by the view of film and television recommended, covering culture, leisure, science and technology, ecology and other kinds of Shanghai classic, involving Chen shan botanical garden, the garden smell, fengjing town, nanxiang old street, peace hotel, the Chinese palace, Shanghai science and technology museum, 1933 eatery, such as tourism enterprises, the Shanghai tourism resources with a combination of film and television culture, to show the overall image to the domestic and foreign film and television production professionals, attract more cast to a view of Shanghai, through the film and television works show the most beautiful in Shanghai.