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Xiangshan tourism into the community in Shanghai

Date: 2014-09-30

Shen blown summer sea wind. Recently zhejiang xiangshan entered the yangpu in Shanghai, pudong community, send special preferential "kiss the sea, play, eat" high-quality goods punters, and Shanghai community tourism promotion is beginning.
Xiangshan is zhejiang famous YuXiang, winning by bizarre Marine erosion physiognomy landscape, boasts beautiful scenery, there are songlan resort, xiangshan studio, shipu fishing port city and other scenic areas. As China's largest comprehensive Marine cultural attractions and holiday resorts, it has the first-class hardware and software facilities, with a Mediterranean villa construction, Caribbean style entertainment, high quality beach, authentic delicious fishing seafood snacks, green island and forest resources.
Through on-site promotion, sorrow, on-site consultation appointments way visitors to interact with citizens, to provide the latest travel information, travel guides. The scene also showed seafood cooking show, selection of seafood and cooking recipe, allows visitors to experience xiangshan seafood delicacies journey.
According to introducing, xiangshan tourism into the community the next station is minhang, baoshan, Shanghai will be in 24 community to carry out promotional activities.